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For 10 years, Ink Therapy has been providing Anchorage AK residents with the best custom tattoos around. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or looking to add another tattoo to your existing collection, I constantly strive to make each of my clients feel welcome. Regardless of how detailed your tattoo idea may be, I have the experience to help you turn that fledgling idea into a full-fledged masterpiece.

Welcome to Ink Therapy


I offer a variety of tattoo services and options, including:

• Tattoo Corrections        • Cover-Up Tattoos     

• Black and Grey Tattoos   • Color Tattoos

• Fine Line Tattoos          • And More


I offer one of the cleanest and most sterile environments in this industry and never cut corners because customer satisfaction is my main priority. My sterilization practices far exceed those of other tattoo shops and surpass mandatory regulations set forth by law. My services are available by appointment only to keep the focus on my clients so that we can take time to create pieces together. If you have been thinking about getting custom tattoos, Ink Therapy is the place to go. Please give me a call or come on into my tattoo studio, and I will answer any questions you may have!

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About Me

Joelene Horning is an experienced tattoo artist that specializes in fine-line or single needle tattoos. With 10 years of experience, my tattoo shop is dedicated to embracing the freedom of self-expression through body art. I will ensure only to give you the quality service that you truly deserve. If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo, I am your number one choice. Message me on Facebook at Ink Therapy to book the works of the most trusted tattoo artist in and around the Anchorage AK area.​

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